When can I haz NPC purge, please?

Online private, personal PC running server, no mods
Bug or pretty bad luck

So, I can’t seem to get a purge that consists of any type of NPC.

17 straight purges in cell B7 and 2 purges in I7, and that’s just since I started counting.
All bugs and lizards.

I had a few NPCs before the purge revamp, but none since.

Is it just my RNG or are others experiencing the same thing?



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Jim, try building in the area that’s not in red. If the Purge Types map on the wiki is still accurate, then that area should only spawn purges capable of spawning Alchemists, which means NPCs and other crafters as well.

Naturally since they are all northerners, they’ll bring wolves, mammoths, potentially even white dragons to help, but sticking to this area is how I managed to snag every purge alch I’ve gotten.


I have a small base at C12, larger near the frost temple, the rest are essentially south of the Unnamed City. Looks like you have done a thorough analysis of the map. Kudos.

I also agree that the probability of NPC purges in that area is greater.

While I may try that, the issue remains. Several bases are within the boundaries of Relic Hunter purges. One base is encompassed by Disciples of Jhebbal Sag.

So, I’m still on the question, why critters all the time?

Pondering regards



An explaination for your problem could be the settings for purges.
If they are set to have only level 5 or higher difficulty purges you’ll never experience an human purge there.

I checked B7 and I7 possible purge types according to https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge and all human purges in that areas are limited to level 1 up to level 4.

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Good explanation and very logical, thank you.

I am contacting the server owner now to set the purge level to 4 and will let you know the results after this evening, if we get a chance to play enough for a purge.

The only possible flaw in this is that any level purge up to, and including, the max level set, per the same Wiki page, can happen. While it probably will fix my issue, it would not necessarily explain my ‘luck’ factor. We have had low level purges (no skulls).

Again, thanks !



Hmm, no, that’s not quite how the Purge is set up (or supposed to be setup). Post whatever patch that revamped the Purge also has a lot of new Purge waves in the difficulty 6 range where Thralls show up (pretty sure, not in front of the dev kit right now to verify).

We will try the level 4 cap anyway, but prefer the level 6 if it gives results other than bugs.

@Multigun, is the map on your page datamined?



My page? Wasn’t aware I owned it :stuck_out_tongue: To be clear I don’t contribute to the Purge Page. The wiki editors have it setup to grab the coordinates every update, or something along those lines. @Testerle would know more.

lol, the collective ‘you’ that make this valuable resource available through contributions of time and knowledge.

Regards, and thanks for the Wiki


yes the purge map is datamined based on the gamefiles and updated with every major patch


Yes but not in that areas of the map.

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US

The purges have reverted to their earlier behavior where almost nobody gets an NPC purge despite being on a server with level 6 purge difficulty.

My clan has had no NPC purges for the last few weeks. I don’t have the exact count, but we get 1 or 2 purges per week, depending on our level of activity. It has been at least 4 purges and they have covered various areas of the map: volcano, Bridge of the Betrayer area, the desert area between the Shattered Springs and the Unnamed City, and north side of the newbie river. The volcano purge spawned undead and Kinscourge, the Bridge of the Betrayer purge spawned yetis, the desert purge spawned scorpions, and the newbie river spawned imps.

It would be nice if someone from Funcom could confirm whether this is expected behavior or a regression.

Irrelevant, the point is intended behavior of the Purge is to not limit players to the type of Purge events based on difficulty. If that’s how the Purge is behaving, its unintentional.

Maybe it’s unintentional, but still, according to gamepdia, and it contains also new purge types so I believe is updated, the only types of purge that could have place in B7 and I7 at level 6 of difficulties do not contains any human at all.

A friend of mine playing the game in Solo changed purge settigs (to difficulty level 6), because he supposed to obtain with more chance t4 thralls and he never had an human purge at all like @Jim1.

Restoring default setting it worked all just fine.

That’s why I supposed to be the same problem.

EDIT: personally I always played on online server I never owned, so I never changed/see settings and I don’t know how they work.

So I don’t know if the problem is a miserunderstaning of how they work by players changing them or a bug in how they was supposed to be working.

I’m limiting myself reporting a fact: You always obtain difficulty 6 purges if you change to 6 the default value in purge settings, and there are very few purge types having humans at level 6 (and they can’t spawn in all areas of the map).

EDIT2: maybe you noticed I’m not native english speaker, so if I miserunderstood what are you trying to state or I was unable to explain in details what I’m trying to say, my apologies :worried:

The Purge isn’t mean to only spawn level 6 purge events if that is what the difficulty is set to. It should spawn any event up to it’s highest difficulty amount, it doesn’t limit players on the types of events because NPC’s are set to difficulty 4. You could have an event that is set for difficulty 1, and it should still spawn on a server setting with 6.

Once again, if setting the difficulty to 6 on the server results in lower tier Purges not triggering, then it’s a bug, and not intentional.

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That is news to me, very interesting. Granted, I haven’t really looked into how Purges work lately, because my meter barely has time to crawl above zero before it resets, but it’s still interesting :+1:

So, please forgive me, what you’re saying is the difficulty level in the settings is a cap of the maximum level of purge’s events you can have ?

Because if it’s this way, why with default value you can have all events in the range 1-6 of difficulty levels but the default value it’s not 6 ?


Setting the difficulty level means you can have Purge events up to the maximum level.

If you set the difficulty to 4, then you can have all Purge events in your area up to level 4.

If you set the difficulty to 2, then you can have all Purge events in your area up to level 2.

If 6, then all Purge events become available. It does not restrict access to lower level purge events if an event max level is 4 or 2 or whatever.

Some purge events have multiple options, where if you set the difficulty to 2, it will only go up to say (for example) wave 5. But if you set it to 4, then it will go up to (for example) wave 7 instead.

Once again, if players are not seeing lower the Purge events because they are set to 6 and the highest the event is 4 or something, then its a bug.

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Thank you very very much for the explaination and your patience @Multigun :blue_heart:

Than I have to confirm what @CodeMage also stated: there is a bug, if you set difficulty to level 6 you’ll trigger only level 6 purge events.

Sorry, @Born2bAlive, but I have had (2 days ago) lower level purges when the purge level cap is set to 6. Obviously locust purges without a boss is a low level purge, but I do not know how else to determine levels.

Also, Born2bAlive, we followed your suggestion about reverting to max level 4, but just one hour before purge time. (Caveat: one data point can never define a trend) We had a purge of lizards in cell H6. I didn’t even go over, since I left a bunch of hyenas (a real bunch) in addition to the clanmate’s thralls and pets.

@Larathiel, I may try your suggestion by building a bunch of throwaway sandstone stuff in the near future, unfortunately, not today. I would like to see what happens over the next few purges with the current changes.

There is quite a bit of RNG involved, but if we collect enough data and it shows a problem with NPC purges, it will get the attention of the devs and be properly prioritized.

Also, thanks, @Ignasis :slight_smile:



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