Problem with the Achievement "Afraid of the Dark"

The Achievement ask for “Complete the Mission Into Darkness killing only one enemy”, well, i do it, and i dont get the Achievement, i just go and skip every monters including the first Boss, and when i got the last floor, the filth infecteds come, and you need return to the first floor again, i ignore all monsters and just run until got the first floor again and the last boss spawn (the phoenician guy), well… at this point all monsters just run away and i see my achievement challenge still on, all good at this point, until i kill the phoenician guy and the achievement challenge just disappeared… i do this 2 times and was the same for me )first time i think maybe i kill one for accident or something like that, but now im pretty sure i didn’t, after kill phoenician guy, the challenge dissappeared and i dont get any achievement… I do that both times in e3.

Is just me or what happens?

Sorry for my bad english, if i get any mistake is because im still learning.

I don’t know if this is much help for you but the way I did it was I went very tacky with single target abilities and made it from top to bottom back to top just cycling defensive cds then focused all single target attacks on final boss. Atleast that worked for me.

My Skill Set both time was: Spirit Blade - Dancing Blade - Tsunami - Shooting Spring - Crecent Fang and Dual Shot…

5 of 6 are Single Target, only Crecent fang is Aoe… i dont use Crecent Fang againt him… but i will try changing for another.

Also my Gadget is a Legendary The Mistress’s Bashosen

I don’t know if it matters but have you tried not hitting anything? Grab a chaos and hammer or even just a hammer and use pain suppression and thick skin with the passives until you get to final boss. On the tope floor everything de Aggros and your just left with the boss atleast when I did it. Don’t use flares either. I may be wrong about this but the flares make some of the shades disappear ( same as killing them?)

The only flare i use is in the floor with the door closed (i think is required use anyways), maybe a shade is diying with that, I will pay attention to that, in the other, i dont touch or attack any monster…

Mobs you aggro on your way down except the first boss) don’t deaggro, but the shades on the way up do.
It is possible to get past every mob on the wayy down except the first boss even if the ones before the gates are dodgy and tricky at best with you having to squezze around the corner.

i pass every monster without kill anyone as i say, and the only one i kill was the last boss… still dont know why i dont get the achievement.

The same happened to me a few times before I finally got the achievement. I did not worry as the fastest/esiest way to do the mission is to kil last boss only so I only kill more then one mob when I do whatever mistake on the way down, but in fact the achievement got broken when I killed the last boss even if I did not kill anything before.

We believe we’ve finally found the bug at fault here. It appears to be related to using proc-heavy builds (this includes both passives and extraordinary effects).

We’ll have a fix out for this in the next content release.