After a server crash chests and craft constructions disappeared

I play on the official server Siptah Island - PVE - #6423, 2 days ago the server crashed and was inaccessible for a while. The next day I reconnected and I could see that the last construction I had done was completely turned upside down, as if a tornado had passed by!

All the bench and chests that I had put in this new construction were scattered (i.e. I moved them from the temporary location to the final building). I was able to find most of the items and chests but I realized that some bench (4 in total) and 8 chests full of components were missing.
Unfortunately in the story, there was a chest full of armor with the illusory skins and potions bought with the combat pass. As they are only recoverable once, you can’t take them back and so it’s lost permanently. This chest belonged to a member of my clan (Funcom ID = Zoten#32389) and he’s really disappointed, … and if there’s one thing he doesn’t like, it’s to be disappointed …

This problem reappeared yesterday, again after a server crash, but this time no loss on the bench or chests, just they were moved …

From what I read on the “Bug Report” forum, other people had the same problem after moving the items. It seems that the “move” function has a problem or not?
Anyway, my clan members and I are very sad about this bug and maybe we can hope to recover at least the missing chest with the illusory armors and skins?

Thank you for reading and for finding a solution to this problem.


PS : I have some screenshots but i can’t join them cause I’m new on the forum :confused:

Greetings Lilithh!
Welcome to our forums and thank you for reporting your issue regarding the disappearance of your chests.

Our team is already investigating this issue, also thanks to the reports of other players.
I’ve updated your profile, so you can now share screenshots with us of your problem Lilithh :slightly_smiling_face:

Please feel free to do so, as it would help our team a lot!
Thank you in advance!

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