Again decayed - abandoned - stability loss

Game mode: Online Offic
Type of issue: ???
Server type: PVE
Region: Europe
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

The thing now happens almost at same time when i join the game and these are only logs after server resets… also how can it be abandoned IF i am in game standing on them !?

Expected Behavior:

Decay timer and the stability to be normal not randomly - some good old players not playing anymore because houses decays or loss foundation stability at random… and it starts to make me mad too. ok i have mats to renew palace, but its not ok… that half wall are gone just because random decay at 240 hour…

Installed Mods:

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Steps to Reproduce:

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Hey @NeoTheMatrix

You mention that this is happening in an official server. Could you let us know which one and the approximate location of your decayed base?

Thanks in advance.

By row i add other bases too that are gone and of who i know decay was not hitted them basically decayed before time random feom 200-300 hour… or 100…

First one is mine location ( i am actuial located on lake near shore there but all foundations was stable and holded normal until last patch , i think some one of u , or even u @Ignasi merged my first stability loss to another topic but at this point each server restart basic kills some part of my palace… later i renew it somehow, and again after restart some foundation or something lose stability but all is ok when i build them ) -

next one is of 2 atleast players i know where i actually runned by then day before both was gone - and i doubt they would just so easy delete char after spending so much time to build so beautiful palaces…

basic both was one at 120 H decay ( the marker near centre )
and other was also somewhre 70-100 hours ( the marker near siptah ascension)

Ah yes server Number - Official server #6422 PvE

Edit line : i forgot to mention - that grass bug i reported and stone, is still up at my place - i cant harvest grass/stone more than 1-2 hits with or without tools, they despawn instantly

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Thanks for the additional info @NeoTheMatrix. We’ve sent it to our team.

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