Age of Conquerors PvE-C

  • Promotes Fair gameplay and activity for PVEC
  • 2.5x EXP and 2.5x Gather .
  • Avatars are Enabled
  • Intermediate Purge Difficulty.
  • Standard Official Rules relating to Building/Blocking Resources and locations and walling areas off.
  • Thrall Damage to Players are halved!

Basic Rules

  1. No Cheating, Hacking or Glitching.
  2. Keep personal insults to a minimum.
    3, All Methods of PVP and stealing are allowed (Base Damage is Disabled)

Building Rules.

  1. No Blocking Resources or Bosses or placing random stuff on the map to block stuff.
  2. No giant walls. Or walling players within walls,
  3. No spamming items or thralls that lag players or the server.

Discord is Provided by FTG(Four Two Gaming) And Server is hosted and provided to players by the FTG Community

Discord Server is Provided by Four Two Gaming Community
Rules on the Discord vary to that on the Conan Exiles Server.

Join Discord if you want Full Conan Server Support, And make sure to give yourself or ask for the Conan Exiles Role in order to join in on all Conan Exiles related Chat and discussions. If you like being a part of the community also consider joining as an actual FTG Member for full game support and events within the community of hundreds of gamers across the world.

link please?.. :slight_smile:

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Updated the OP with a link to the discord if you’re interested on playing on the server and Getting the little survivors package to give a small boost to your start :slight_smile:

Updated original post! Server is still up and is popular still! :slight_smile: a few rules have changed since server began.

It’s a good server. I’ve enjoyed it so far.

Discord link bad, copied it and says invalid

Thanks, Wasn’t aware. Am updating now.