Age of Barbarians (3x EXP/Harvest) PvP ~ With Dynamic Building Damage!

Age of Barbarians

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The Server operates a modified PvP Rule set to encourage fair play.

These Are the Server Rules

Server Rules Age of Barbarian Server Please Read! Any Infractions of rule breaking will be dealt with on a case by case,

Behavior Rules
1. Language and attitude issues & banter are fine. No toxic & Inflammatory behavior or chat. No overt harassing or griefing of players that causes players not to be able to play the game.

Building Rules
2. No Walling off large areas for land claim to stop people from getting to specific places or important items. You can not build over or prevent vital nodes of resources from spawning or named thralls or bosses from spawning. No foundation stacking or building large structures out of foundations, try to be conservative with light sources.

Exploit Rules
3. No glitching, hacking, or crashing players or causing harm to the server. No duping or under meshing or making bases in glitched locations etc.

Player Stealing & Offline Killing Rules
4. All Pets & players online or objects left outside of structures are fair game for killing or stealing from. Dynamic Building Damage is enabled! for when you are online! but when you go offline your stuff can’t be damaged!

4.A . To Respect others while trying to do PVE content on the game, please don’t do PVP Combat/Ganking/Looting of players in the Unamed City Region (The Area Within the Walls of the Region) The Area is for PVE Content on the Game.(edited)

4.B. To be Respectful to those who are unable to fight back, Try not to PvP when somebody is at the point of loading into or standing at any Obelisks and when they are still within the purple mist around it

Discord is always available for News & Updates related to the Server and the game.
*Joining Discord Is recommended for Playing on the Server for announcements.

I have been playing on the server for past two days but was just randomly banned with no explanation? I think there may be a mistake?

I was playing solo and never even saw another player

Please do not discuss bans on my Server Advertisment thread, DM me on Discord.

Is the server down?

It could just be because of the update that is ready to download. The servers may be updating. Not sure though.

Server is not down no. It’s alive and well.

Recently updated and changed the Settings. Server is no longer PVE-C with 24/7 pvp and stealing. But instead is PvP with dynamic building damage enabled