PVP - Small Clans, Dynamic Building Damage ON, no player list, anonymous log

Biggins’ Realm - PvP server on the Isle of Siptah!

PvP server designed for small groups or solo players with Dynamic Building Damage turned on to allow players an opportunity to NOT be offline raided. YES! Our DBD system IS working - join our discord to learn more about how we make this work.

ALSO!!! Want to stay anonymous? Tired of showing up in event logs and on the player list? This is the server for you - player list is disabled, and you don’t show in the event log (except to the admins of course).

Rules are few - this is a PvP server and getting your teeth kicked in and your stuff blown up or stolen is to be expected.

Basic Server/Community Rules:
-Don’t be a dick. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.
-Posted ZERO tolerance for racist bull$h!tt and bashing others because of their sex, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be an @$$. Things can get heated in PvP, and trash talking often ensues, but there’s a limit. Please exercise restraint for the good of the community.
-Use of cheats/hacks/dupes/etc and toxic behavior is prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly (reports of such activity by other players needs to be coupled with evidence).
-Trolling of another player or clan is unacceptable.

-Clans (which includes clans of 1) are prohibited from co-raiding another clan. To allow this would defeat the purpose of having a small clans server.
-FOB cleanup required within 24 hours of a raid or FOB being placed.
-Build-blocking of another clan’s buildings is prohibited.

Server Settings: mirrors official servers with the following changes.
-Pippi for Admin Tools
-Clan size: 4
-Dynamic Building Damage: On, 24/7
-Dynamic Building Damage Logoff Cooldown: 60 minutes
-No raid window
-Player names do not show in event log, or player list

Interested or got questions? Join the Discord! IP address in the server settings.


Server is going live 0800 Pacific on 12 November.

Server is up and live. Server IP located in Discord.

This is a great server with a good community of people willing to help anyone from beginner to hardened veteran of the exiled lands. Come have fun with us with no worry about those undermeshing duper’s on officials. :+1:. Stay safe exiles.

Just a reminder - if you are interested in trying out a server that utilizes Funcom’s new Dynamic Building Damage system, come join us!!

I have been having a blast! It’s like playing on an official server but not having to worry about being off-line raided since the dynamic building damage is on. So the only way you can get raided is if you are on line up to one hour after you log off. That prevents people from logging off as soon as they are under attack.

Overall everybody seems pretty chill but you do have to look over your shoulder a bit while out farming and what not.

Overall everybody seems pretty chill but you do have to look over your shoulder a bit while out farming and what not.

So if you’re looking for a good community with solid PVP and close to vanilla settings this is a server for you.

The server is still going, with plenty of places to still build! Helpful community has formed - if you’re looking for a good PvP place without the toxic trash, come join us!

I’m forever.

As of the latest hotfix, DBD is working as intended on our server! Come on over and play!!!

Only thing missing from this server is you!

Dynamic Building Damage is working so there is no “raid time”. Can only be raided when you are online. Max clan size = 4. No getting hammered by zerg clans.

Need a vacation or break from the game? No worries. 15-day decay timer means you can actually take a good break if you like.

Make this your forever Conan home! Come play!

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