Biggins' Realm PvE-C double rate week!

Stuck indoors due to corona? Come get your farm and build on with a week of extra XP and harvest rates (set to 4x)!

Looking for a fresh start with a laid back community of experienced players? New and seasoned alike, come join us!

Interested? Join the Discord…


The focus of this server is casual PvE play focused around the original Conan content with a few PvE enhancements through a couple light mods. This is to be a laid back community, and cooperative play is encouraged (though not required). PvP is acceptable of course, but repeated targeting of another player or clan that borders on the lines of trolling is of course not what this community is about. Poking your neighbor should be fun - don’t be a bully.

Basic Server/Community Rules:
-Don’t be a dick. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.
-Posted ZERO tolerance for racist bull$hit, bashing others because of their ■■■, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be an @$$.
-Abuse of in-game mechanics and toxic behavior will be dealt with swiftly.
-Trolling of another player or clan is unacceptable.

Server Settings:
-Pippi, Emberlight, Fashionist mods
-2x gather, 2x XP, decrease crafting and thrall training in half.
-landclaim setting to .2.
-24/7 PvP
-Purge level 6.
-Purge periodicity 24.
-Actions required to trigger purge 10,000.
-Clan score update frequency 7.
-14 day decay (16 to abandonment, buildings/bases appearing to be abandoned are subject to admin wipe)
-Avatars disabled
-6 player clan cap
-Tame/Thrall limit: 100 for single player, 10 additional per player in clan (clan total 160).

Server Features: ongoing
-Public Maprooms
-Public PvP arenas
-Occasional Admin hosted events such as raids and scavenger hunts!


Awesome server, awesome events! Come join us!!

Dope server. Good admins. Come check it out.

Server is lit. Come join the fun!

Hey do y’all still have a nice mod list or is it short?

No mods on the Siptah server right now except for Pippi (for management tools). The Exiled Lands still has a mod list consisting of Pippi, Emberlight, Fashionist, Northern Timber, TMI HUD.