Biggins Realm PVP is back!

After all the issues on the officials we have decided to add a 4th server to the Biggins Realm servers is a pvp server.

Server name: Biggins’ Realm PVP - Siptah
Direct Connect: Server IP:

Mods order:
-Pippi (used to assist with server management)

This new server launched mid-day on 5/9/22. The thought behind the server is settings almost the same as official servers. The only change is - no transferred toons, and raid times are as follows: Monday no raiding, Tues. Wed. Thurs. and Fri. 6pm to 11pm, Sat & Sun 3pm to 11pm.

One mod Pippi for server management. Moderators will only help with cheaters (under mesh, duping, flying bases, ect). Moderators will not help with any issue not related to cheating.

The usual rules:
-Don’t be a jerk. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.
-Posted ZERO tolerance for racist bull and bashing others because of their sex, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be a donkey. Things can get heated in PvP, and trash talking often ensues, but there’s a limit. Please exercise restraint for the good of the community.
-Use of cheats/hacks/dupes/etc and toxic behavior is prohibited and will be dealt with swiftly (reports of such activity by other players needs to be coupled with evidence).
-Trolling of another player or clan is unacceptable.

If you are looking for a fresh start after all the recent issue on the official servers this server is for you.

Almost all the settings are the same as official servers. Only minor changes to raid hours. Also no transfers are allowed so if you are tired of transferred clans wiping your server and porting off with no way to attack back then this will be a good fit for you!