Biggins' Realm PvE-C

Looking for a fresh start with a laid back community of experienced players? New and seasoned alike, come join us!

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The focus of this server is casual PvE play focused around the original Conan content with a few PvE enhancements through a couple light mods. This is to be a laid back community, and cooperative play is encouraged (though not required). PvP is acceptable of course, but repeated targeting of another player or clan that borders on the lines of trolling is of course not what this community is about. Poking your neighbor should be fun - don’t be a bully.

Basic Server/Community Rules:
-Don’t be a dick. This is a subjective rule that grants admins the power to rule and deal swiftly with any problem people.
-Posted ZERO tolerance for racist bull$hit, bashing others because of their ■■■, orientation, or religious beliefs. It’s ok to disagree or not like something/someone, but no need to be an @$$.
-Abuse of in-game mechanics and toxic behavior will be dealt with swiftly.
-Trolling of another player or clan is unacceptable.

Server Settings:
-Pippi, Emberlight, Fashionist mods
-2x gather, 2x XP, decrease crafting and thrall training in half.
-landclaim setting to .2.
-24/7 PvP
-Purge level 6.
-Purge periodicity 24.
-Actions required to trigger purge 10,000.
-Clan score update frequency 7.
-14 day decay (16 to abandonment, buildings/bases appearing to be abandoned are subject to admin wipe)
-Avatars disabled
-6 player clan cap
-Tame/Thrall limit: 100 for single player, 10 additional per player in clan (clan total 160).

Server Features: ongoing
-Public Maprooms
-Public PvP arenas
-Admin bases for server raids!


It’s a fun server. It’s a bit more laid back than most, but still lets you scratch your PvP itch. and the mods are cool. It’s nice having pippi without having kits that make it boring quick. Oh, and the purge…rough.

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Fresh start server that is set up well by the admins. Map rooms, fighting arenas and admin bases for raid events are already set up on first day of launch.

Be ware of the purge, they are intense on this server! But they add a lot of fun!

Server launched 1/9/20 so jump in and get your favorite build spot!

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Biggin’s is a well-run server by active admins, no drama, chill place. I like the relaxed combination of PVE with the option of PVP and admin base raid events. Maprooms set up by admin are a welcome addition at launch.


Biggins’ Ream is an Awesome place to play! Just enough mods to keep it interesting, but doesnt “bog” you down. The events are such fun and am looking forward to the next! Come join us!

There was a pippi update and I can´t login anymore.
While I’m here I’d like to suggest immersive armor mod, sand and stone mod and containers ignore ownership flagged.

Hi. New pippi update today, plz update. ty

Thanks for the shout out. The best way to get a hold of me or an admin is to use the server Discord. The link is posted in-game.

Sorry, I can’t login to discord

Oh ok, well, just know I don’t check the forums daily.