Age of Gods next

Introduce blessings, powers, creature summons at altar, summon oasis with water, trees , Altars can spawn defenders to protect your base using manifestation of zeal if toggled on. Reduce cost of avatar because of ballista bolts, 300 zeal. Introduce new gods Ibis, Hanumann etc. Special blessings such as Temperature resistance blessing, even though you have manifestation of zeal, you can have a separate favour that you unlock as you give zeal. To give you special blessings such as heat and cold temperature immunity among others, so that the more devoted you are the more you gain.


ibis and hanumann would be cool.
i can add ishtar/ashtoreth, bel (already exists in the devkit files, so it was planned or thought of at some point) dagon, erlik, and asura as gods that could add something cool flavor-wise. but i am skeptical that new gods will be added as anything other than cosmetic placeables in the battlepass and bazaar.
i got nothing as far as ideas for mechanics of the religions. my expectation is that they will focus more on the pve content that surrounds the theme, as it seems to be the biggest part of every age so far.
as has been said elsewhere, the herald of daddy sag seems like a conscious wink from the devs that age of gods is where we are going, not to mention that the current jeb sag theme of chapter 4 doesnt fit with the age of war at all. feels to me like something that was planned for chapter 1 of age of gods, and the decision to allow for 4 chapters kinda put them in the corner of ‘what have we on the table for the next update’
pop-up religious-themed events a la the sorcery events would be cool. hopefully no use of the base spawner system for themed sieges, i think that was a fail. but with the work funcom put into the system i think it’s all but guaranteed to be used again. thematic chapter events similar to our current jeb sag stuff, with a chapter currency and it’s relevant merchants, champions of the religion to kill and get some token that will progress the mini-story of the current chapter. these are less ideas or hopes, and more my predictions.

Following an Age of War I expect an Age of Civilization. Having said that, I would expect religion to be heavily included in the Age of Civilization so kind of a twofer. So much changing with inventory and thrall management and the taverns leads me to think this is strongly the case.

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