Age of justice update

I would tag a topic here but its not even a damn option AGE OF JUSTICE: FUNCOM FINALLY TAKES CARE OF CHEATERS UPDATE …WHEN IS THAT COMING ???

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I did not read the patch notes completely. Does 3.0 future patch resolve any of the cheater issues?

Cheats probably wouldnt be mentioned directly. It would fall under “fixed a number of exploits” which was present.

It has been done before, but by companies with 50x fubcoms money and playerbase spending monthly, as i recall, blizzards warden took many years to break

Which some companies are doing. Finally.

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Hackers are the future.

True. Although with Under Mesh structure issues, they did mention that in patch notes in the past directly. So was curious if there was a note to a particular cheat people were doing or not. It may not have stood out for me the change since I play on a PvE server.

Just need to tweak the undermesh threshold to be more strict and make ANYTHING under this put poof and dead (if character) and in the Event Log: Killed by “Physics”.

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