Age of justice update

I would tag a topic here but its not even a damn option AGE OF JUSTICE: FUNCOM FINALLY TAKES CARE OF CHEATERS UPDATE …WHEN IS THAT COMING ???

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I did not read the patch notes completely. Does 3.0 future patch resolve any of the cheater issues?

Cheats probably wouldnt be mentioned directly. It would fall under “fixed a number of exploits” which was present.

All they can do is try. No company has been able to solve the issue in a satisfactory way and they drop millions trying.
So, keep it real. FUNCOM can do many things, but miracles isn’t one of them…

It has been done before, but by companies with 50x fubcoms money and playerbase spending monthly, as i recall, blizzards warden took many years to break

They end up circumventing the anti cheats, eventually. Unless you have a team of admins at the ready, it’s a lost cause in the end until they criminalize and actually act upon hackers.

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Which some companies are doing. Finally.

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Hackers are the future.

True. Although with Under Mesh structure issues, they did mention that in patch notes in the past directly. So was curious if there was a note to a particular cheat people were doing or not. It may not have stood out for me the change since I play on a PvE server.

Just need to tweak the undermesh threshold to be more strict and make ANYTHING under this put poof and dead (if character) and in the Event Log: Killed by “Physics”.