Age of Lost Kingdoms RP-PVP AoC

Welcome to the Age of Lost Kingdoms, the last refuge for you exiles.

Join a kingdom, help your race, or go it alone, if you dare!

We are a new RP server with active admins and moderators and are looking for those who love to RP!
You can join a kingdom or live on your own, there is plenty of neutral ground to choose from.
So come join us and have some fun with your rp, write your own stories here that will be remembered through the ages.

We will be hosting events, Arena Boss Battles, and many other fun things to do, plenty of quests either at the main hub or through the kingdoms.
There are humans, orcs, elves, dark elves and who knows what else may be living in these lands. So come check us out, ask questions and write up your backstory/bio to get approved and hop on the server with us all!

And don’t forget to join our discord to apply to our great server!!

Exiled Lands Improved
Exiles Extreme
Improved Quality of Life
Less Building Placement-No NPC camps
Less Building Placement-Overlaps Edition
Pickup +
Savagae Steel II
Conan Sexiles
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Unlock Plus (with pickup)
Warrior Mutator
Slaver Mod
Glass Constructions and more

Server rates: XP x3
Harvest x3

We have a few kits to help you get started, some gear and a boost to level 60, just remember to grab it fast!
Max level is 120.