AoC Server: The Exiled Kingdoms NA RP/PvP fresh 10/8

The Exiled Kingdoms

A new RP/PvP Server with AoC based in NA. We want to provide a casual RP/PvP experience, while using the Age of Calamitous mod. With minimum mods and a great dedicated machine, we can provide high-performance experience. Come and join us and help shape this new community into something special.

Server Name: The Exiled Kingdoms NA RP/PvP fresh 10/8

-Starting Kits

-Player economy

-Isle of Siptah Recipe Vendors

Mod List: Order them as seen on the link and below


Hosav’s UI Mod


Age of Calamitous


Unlock Plus
Stacksize Plus

Server Settings of Note

Map: Exile Lands

Player Slots: 40

EXP Rate: 3x

Harvest Rate: 2x

Increased crafting speeds

Increased Taming Speed for Thralls/Pets

Dynamic Raiding active: 60min logout timer

Drop Items on Death: True

Bodies Stay Logged In: True

Max Clan Size: 6

Avatars: Disabled

Purge: Enabled (but takes longer to trigger a purge)

Decay: Disabled but admins will cleanse any player’s buildings if inactive for 10 days.

We added some Isle of Siptah vendors onto the server. Come and get your pets, armors, and weapons from the Isle of Siptah!

I’ve added some more PvE content to the server, In the Dregs, Black Keep, Dagon, and Wine Cellar dungeons if you look in the off beaten paths you can find an additional boss from the isle of siptah to fight. These bosses have a chance to drop crescent tools so well worth it to do.