PC - NA - The Exiled Kingdoms AoC PvPvE

The Exiled Kingdoms AoC PvPvE is a fresh PVE server with lite PvP that is active after work hours and not have the stress of worrying about offline raiding. This place is for people that want a little bit of everything and have that focus experience with AoC without EEWA.

Join us and feel free to make any suggestions for improvement.

  • Server name: The Exiled Kingdoms AoC PvPvE
  • Direct Connect:
  • Location: US - Central

Mods Used
-Warrior Mutator
-Age of Calamitous
-Barbarian Barber
-Kerozards Paragon Leveling
-Better Thralls
-Hosav’s Custom UI
-Unlock Plus

Server info
Server Restarts 4am CST
EXP Rate: 4x
Harvest Rate: 2x
PvP Hours- Mon-Sun 5pm-10pm CST
Building Damage Hours - Fri-Sat 5pm-10pm CST
No offline raiding
Drop Items on Death: Yes
Body’s Stay Logged In: Yes
Avatars: Enabled
Purge: Enabled

Really enjoying this server right now! Fresh start so there’s lots of places to settle!

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