The Age of Lost Kingdoms [ RP 18+ / PvE / PvP ]

Age of Lost Kingdoms [ RP 18+ / PvE / PvP ]

The Age of Lost Kingdoms is a new server and we are currently in the process of building a fresh playerbase. We are looking for those, who enjoy RP before anything else.
Our active admin team of experienced role-players strives to provide our players with a dynamic, living world, where kingdoms may rise and fall and nothing is set in stone.
Swear allegiance to one of the kingdoms or carve out your own path. Play whatever role you like or rise to power and conquer a kingdom of your own.
We offer quests, dungeons and custom hub towns.
We base our lore on the established lore of Conan: Exiles lore and the the Hyborian Age, while adding custom lore of our own.
A selection of starter kits is available to help you get started. Reduced grind for a quicker start.


  • An active and dedicated admin team, from both EU and the US
  • A gated, mature RP environment, with optional PvP elements
  • Max. Player Level 120
  • Several Factions/Kingdoms based on the factions of ‘The Age of Calamitous’
  • Custom quests and dungeons
  • Admin made towns
  • Free starter kits, including a level 60 kit
  • Reduced grind

Server Settings

  • EXP 4x
  • Harvest 5x
  • Decay disabled
  • No purge
  • No gear drop
  • Bodies don’t remain after log-out

Pippi - User & Server Management
Conan Sexiles
Unlock Plus
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Aquilonian Females
Sexy Silent Legion Armor
Warrior Mutator
Primal Armors
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
Savage Steel Vol II
Glass Constructions and more
Less Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camp Building
Less Building Placement Restrictions - Overlaps Edition
The Age of Calamitous
Improved Quality of Life

Steam Mod-Collection: