Age of Sorcery...Sorcery is disabled here.........?

So I get in some games where things are disabled due to glitches or maybe PVP issues but…in an story that is literally age of Sorcery to disable it in some areas just seems counter-intuitive. I mean here is a method to fall down from heights safely since with corrupted stats stamina is a well, a challenge but you can’t use it at the Sand Reaper Hive Queen passage area. Yes with some huge patience I can get down and up again…but you have given a tool to assist that is the whole point of this story line. Or ooo I found a way to use Sorcery to get through Well of Skelos a little easier…its not cheating…its a componant of the story if you are a sorceror…guess what …you use sorcery. Just was wondering if I was the only one who found this change odd and against what is being “storied”. Or an option would be as some other games due make it a server setting that someone can enable or disable sorcery in “Boss” areas based on their wishes depending on how they wish to play the game. Thanks


Sorcery is disabled in most areas were you arent allowed to build or if there is a roof above your head .

Sorcery is sadly just a minifeature, it’s supposed to be useless and bad.

Don’t even understand why they added it into the game when it’s just bad and cripples your exile without serious benefits

Just think how the poor sorcerers feel as you beat them with a truncheon they can’t use it either.

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Yeah… Sorcery is banned where it’s needed most.
They are free to use when you don’t need it at all.
How smart.

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