Age of sorcery sucks

Okay so ever since this update dropped your thralls won’t follow, attack or respond to return or move commands. Inventory takes forever to appear, this game has just gotten worse. You need to revert getting off the horse back to Y. Revert thralls back to their original state and let thralls use weapons like sword of crom again. That weapon is useless on players and is a glorified wall decoration now. Obviously keep sorcery but revert attributes back because these new ones suck and get rid of corrupted perks. I get things were going to change but there’s such a thing as way too much change and when you change the fundamentals of the game this drastically y’all might as well have just made Conan exiles 2. Oh and one last thing for the love of the game let us craft legendary armor kits again. I’m losing allies like crazy because they hate this update and too much changed too fast. Most of my clan won’t return because of this and it’s just me and one other in my clan of 8 people. The bugs are killing the game and quite frankly funcom you are killing your own game by trying too hard to appease newer players. I don’t care of any hate I get from those who defend every bad decision game devs make their opinions are null and void. Most are too afraid to say what needs to be said so I said it. Don’t like it move on

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Are you sure its not the server your on? Thus far the only problem ive had is, my spells wont cast and i cannot corrupt my attributes, strangley i saw someone on my server today who did both, so maybe the bugs trigger at random circumstances

Thralls for me worked for the first time in years
Definetly agree with the legendary armor kits

Thralls and mounts definitly are not working correctly on official 2880. They dont follow properly, get stuck on the map, dont obey commands, etc. I now cant take them anywhere.

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Personally, I hate the new build system. Like, enough to make me consider giving up on the game. Prior to 3.0, I used to find building enjoyable and relaxing. Now? I just want to smash my controller.

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No it’s the game

2880 and 7057 are broken to hell

On top of that now if someone wants a crafting station to trade you can’t give them the already made station it has to be the resources now. On top of if they don’t have it learned they can’t make it anyway

I only want to buy DLC, not a battle pass and a shop

The shop is irrelevant because that stuff always will return so we’ll see that stuff repeat. I don’t mind the pass it’s just the grind can be annoying especially when challenges don’t want to complete like the one i had to kill a surge boss and I killed multiple one skulls including the three skull boss at the end and got nothing

Literally nothing but complaining. Adapt dude. Some of your points are valid, such as the thralls seeming more broken than before, but their new scaling is fine. “Weapons like the sword of Crom again”; what weapons do they not wield effectively anymore? Or do you need to use the most powerful sword in the game on a incredibly powerful thrall?

What it sounds like, is what you want is to play a farming simulator where thralls do your work for you, while you sit back watching. The new update is jarring to get used to sure, but its great to finally be a forced to be reckoned with as a player. Thralls should not be a carry, and if you needed a thrall to do all the work for you, then single player or private servers allow you to scale that.

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True i like the new update the thralls still op ive you give them the right weapons (1handed maces op ) armore and food and you not even need to invest in the authority perk tree .the building system is amazing its first need some moment to understand but when you find the copy button you never want the old one back

So your comment is irrelevant got it

There was no point taking away a thralls ability to use a specific weapon.

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