A mix of things

First off thralls are needing a buff and to return to what they once were before sorcery. Attributes need to go back to what they were before sorcery this new system is bad. Most perks are useless and even with corrupted perks I feel weak so revert it back. Thrall followers should be able to ride horses with you because they tend to get lost and not return at all. Last post got hidden because “violence and other things” it was no different from this post so I disagree.

Those days before sorcery we’re not getting back.

However, I agree that thralls need a better tether.

Bro I miss the old days the old attributes and thralls were way more balanced. This new system has me all messed up because I literally have no clue what build to go for because nothing seems worth it and feels underwhelming. Follower thralls should be able to ride a horse with you and I found out today elephants are busted. They just start running forward and don’t stop until they teleport back. If they take off running and get stuck on something getting them to stop following and refollow fixes nothing. They have to teleport back to you I could’ve just moved to guard but still.

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