Age of Sorcery update broke Playstation

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Server Name: 8058

Bug Description:

Most armor textures and building textures will not load or appear partly loaded. game eventually crashes after a few minutes. I tried to run to another base of a friend… some of the animals are invisible too. I was chased by a health bar for 5 minutes… pretty sure it was just a shoebill

Bug Reproduction:

every time at load after 3.0 installed. the game is currently unplayable

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Yeah, they’re aware of it. As well as constant crashing of the game when doing just about anything. So, hopefully a patch asap. Hopefully.

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Yes I think a patch will come sooner than later.

[quote="khromehawk, post:1, topic:201501, full:true]
I was chased by a health bar for 5 minutes… pretty sure it was just a shoebill[/quote]

I’m sorry but this made me laugh for 5 mins straight. You have no idea how much I needed that laugh today. Thank you!

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Hello everyone and welcome to our forums @khromehawk!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

We are aware of this situation occurring and we have released a new patch in the meantime.

You can find the patch notes here, you should now be able to slay those pesky shoebills, however, if these are still invisible, please let us know!

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