Game will freeze or crash

Game will crash or freeze when using Sorcery Staff the construction hammer looking at map and going through the menu in game after update I never have problems with the game till now I only play private multiplayer lobby


I have this issue with just about everything. I can’t go more than 10-15 minutes without the game freezing for some random issue. Look at my follower’s inventory? Freeze. Look at MY inventory? Freeze. Use a crafting table? Freeze. Walk? Freeze. The game is completely unplayable now.


Right now magic is making people DC enemies Really be casting spells when be raiding in hopes to crash peoples game, that’s the sad point this game is in

Same, I have been looking to Funcom for answers, at least acknowledge you know there is an issue and are working on it. Anything.

If funcom wont acknowledge the issue, please post your freezing/crashing on ANY social media platform you can. This will put some pressure on and get our community going again! We have to all pitch in though…whaddya say fellow exiles? walk away or fight for change?

Funcom The Game Crashes Or Freezes On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 why won’t you fix it and make it right

Same problem here. After updating to Age of Sorcery the game freezes at random, especially when accessing the Bazaar and the Battle Pass menu or moving NPCs around. An the Isle of Siptah is totally unreachable with the game crashing while loading it.
I play solo games, connecting to the internet only for updates or buying dlc’s

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I just installed the update… it’s really magical, an ice storm affects the whole map, everything is frozen, no more possible to play, too much fun :muscle: :+1:



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