My game freezes when using spells someone know what to do?

My game freezes when using sorcery even sometimes just like that for no reason can someone help me ?? I’m playing on PS4

Are you on a server or in single player?

In Single Player, the console is doing all the lifting, on a server, the work load is split.

The PS4 can barely run the game as is, casting, say, the harvest all resources spell in single player is one of the most reliable ways to generate a blue screen.

For general utility in keeping what stability can be had in that platform, extra memory on an external or (warranty voiding) internal drive helps. As does a thorough cleaning. The system tends to run hot and this game is very processing intensive so can lead to overheat issues aggravated by dust bunny infestation.

The game is broken on Playstation. I haven’t been able to load into Siptah for about 6 days now…and Funcom keeps auto closing my support tickets. I also have a brand new PS5…so it’s not something that an “external hard drive” or a “thorough cleaning” will resolve (as others have recommended). Hopefully Funcom fixes this asap…because I’m worried my base will decay.

PS4 shouldn’t have any updates past Phase 1 (July 2017) when climbing was introduced. The game exceeded the capabilities of the console after Phase 2 (August 2017).

Where did you get this information?

By comparing the capabilities of PC’s with specs similar to the PS4. They began to struggle with the game around the Frozen North expansion.

FC know about this? Seems like they have been selling CE for platforms that cannot support the requirements of the software for 5 years.

FC wouldn’t do something so dirty just to make money. They simply cannot be away of what is wrong.

When should xbox have stopped updating?

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