The game is unplayable at this point

Game freezes when i open the bazaar tab, the game freezes if i open the battlepass tab, the game freezes if i build a base medium size or bigger (20 blocks square), the game crashes constantly if i use sorcery.

I have bought every DLC for this game ive spent money on the battlepass track since i dont have a lot of time to play and i want the rewards. I love tjis game but the fact that is badically unplayable and there is NOTHING no recognition of the issue, no update on a fix NOTHING from the developers is just unbelievable and you still sell it. I tried playing on solo, online and private server and is the same thing. Im done i give up im uninstalling and ill be making a video on my channel about just how neglected and broken this game is on console.


Totally feel your frustration.

Same attention is given to the xbox series s players that this game was ‘claimed’ to be compatible for. On the PS platform, 'is there a EULA that came with your game?
I don’t know if one even exists for this game.

This is why I was so nervous when they said they were going to update with new content every 3 months. It takes them so much longer than 3 months to fix their game each time a big update comes out. That’s not a good thing for a live service! They have no one testing console, and they’re quickly making generations that ran it fine in the past obsolete. Nerve-wracking for the future of console players.

They should really remove it as an older gen game if they can’t optimize it correctly. A bit of false advertising at this point. I don’t see them fixing the game unless they make it a pre 3.0 version of the game for that player base but not sure if that’s doable

I think it is shocking that funcom does not even bother to acknowledge the issues that are being reported after the update.The game is totally unplayable on console it needs to be addressed

What bothers me most is aside from all the money ive spent buying everything for the game all dlcs renting a server and that there isnt even an acknowledgement that the people who are paying for this product cannot use it is insulting

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The game is unplayable these days for a bunch of reasons. The freezing is a big issue, but taking away all the challenge of actual gameplay is number 1 on my list. There’s a lot that has gone wrong with this game even before the sorcery was introduced but now it’s just a joke. You don’t need to do anything in this game anymore, just enough to learn the spells which isn’t even a hard task to do. And this latest update, oh my god. Get a few skulls/drag a couple of unconcious dudes to a trader and you get T4 thralls that are ready to go instantly, are you serious??

This magic stuff ruined PvP. The only good thing was that the game usually always crashed when harrypottering so not many players wanted to do so, but if it has gotten/is getting fixed… Bye bye Conan Exiles on my behalf.


Good question, @erjoh .