Age of Sorcery update dreadful

This new update needs bugs to be fixed ASAP! Been logging in and game play is dreadful.

  • Carpets, floors, wall, braziers, beds etc just about anything built with texture packs is invisible.
  • can’t place any new objects as they are also invisible.
  • Greater Wheel of pain today vanished
  • Message on event log states that some of my stuff decayed due to lack of logging in! That’s rubbish…been logged in every day trying to play.
  • Almost all animals, creatures, NPC’s also invisible, only health bar visible once you start swinging weapon hoping to hit them.
  • I have no grasses type foliage visible, trees, rocks, mountains, rivers etc ok but for some reason grasses gone. ( I don’t mind no long grasses poking through foundations but that’s not the point)
  • I tried to pick up invisible bed and replace but it vanished, also wardrobe vanished and was replaced with loot bag.
  • Lots of other players on my server bases have either decayed or have walls floors etc invisible.
  • NPC villages are not displaying correctly, it’s like only half of the buildings have loaded.
    We need a bug fix soon, also we need to have the decay timers lengthened or some kind of compensation for all the items we are losing all due to the Age of Sorcery update.
    I have no idea as too what I will lose when I log in tomorrow.
    Love the game, hate the bugs!

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