Things not working after Age of Sorcery came out

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue Type: Bugs

Game Mode: Single Player

Server Type: None

Map: Both Exile Lands and Isle of Siptah

Server Name: None

Bug Description:

Ever since the new update Age of Sorcery came out I have been having the following problems.

( 1. ) Keep getting Game Tweak requires Restart

( 2. ) Some of the npc animals bodies are half invisible. You can’t completely see them when they walk around.

When they atack you can only see their eyes balls and a strip of back fur floating after they start to chase you.

When they die they lay on top of the ground completely invisible.

Some times if I start over from the character creation it will fix it but not all the time and some animals in certian locations always stay invisible.

( 3. ) Can’t raise or lower foundations or tilt items like you use to be able to do if the ground is not flat. All I can do is spin them in place.

( 4. ) Npc health bars don’t always show up after you attack them.

I can walk up to some non hostile animals and the health bar will show without even hitting them.

If they have a skull over them the skull does not show up over the health bar and some time both the skull and health bar does not show up.

Also human npcs level tear doesn’t show. So I never know if they are a 1, 2, 3, or 4 until after I kill them.

( 5. ) Building pieces will not snap. To fix it I have to completely start the game over back to the character creation and then return to the same location and start building.

( 6. ) structure colors not working right. I could build the same thing in the same place and the first time it will be green. If I tear it down and start over in the same location building the same building structure it will be red or yellow.

( 7. ) Foot prints no longer show up on the ground.

( 8. ) Can’t place thralls inside buildings. Every time I pick up a thrall and place it inside a building on foundations it says can’t be placed here.

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