Bugs After The Age of Sorcery and More New Ones After The Age of War Update

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Missing Textures.
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type:
Map: Isle of Siptah

Bug Description:

Before Age of War came out most of the animals would load in but as soon as you go out of range and turn around they would be nothing but either floating eyes or not even that just not showing at all other than their health bar when you got close to them.

Some times it would be just the health bar when they would load in and no textures. it’s still that way now after the Age of War update.

I only play the Isle of Siptah map so I have no idea how the other map is like.

Wild Elephants Before and After Age of War Update

Wild Dogs Before and After Age of War Update

Valeria Before Age of War and After

New Bugs Found After The Age of War Update

The Packs are now not showing their textures. Even on the Npcs they don’t show up before and after making them into thralls.

Structure textures are not showing up in many places.

Bug Reproduction:

Going out the the game and reloading back in will fix the animals untill you go out of range then they go invisible again.

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