Latest Bugs Found Since The Age of War Chapter 3 Update

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue Type: Textur Glitches, Gameplay, Bugs & Things Just Not Working Right

Game Mode: Single Player

Server Type: PvE

Map: Exiled Lands & Isle of Siptah

Bugs Found

Stacking Chests Bug:

Before, I used to be able to stack chests on top of each other, and now when I go to stack another chest, it will not let me stack it directly over top of the first chest. I have to place it further back so it is near the back of the first chest, like stairs, for it to turn green and not directly vertical on top.

My Character and NPCs Walk Backwards:

After harvesting resources or fighting, when I go to walk away from that spot to go to another spot, my character becomes locked in the position of just walking backwards instead of turning around and walking away.

I have to put my weapon or tool away just to get out of it and be able to turn around.

Human, creature, and animal NPCs will do the same.

They will attack another NPC and then walk backwards to their starting point.

Wild Feral Dogs Still Not Spawning In With Their Textures 100% of The Time:

On the island of Siptah, in the locations circled here, most of the dogs will spawn with their textures, while a select few will not most of the time. If I get close enough for them to spawn, they will either spawn with their full textures or only with the back fur and tail showing while all the other dogs around them spawn completely.

If one spawned completely and I was to turn around and walk out of the spawn range and back into it, then only the tail and back fur would show as soon as they respawned.

Its a 50/50 chance as to if they will spawn in compleatly. If I kill them after they have spawned completely, then harvest them, the next dog to take its place will spawn only with its back fur and tail showing.

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