Age of War Chapter 3: screenshots of entire Battle Pass

This may be useful to people who don’t want to mess with rewinding the stream/VOD.


nice but… probably gonna pass this one, not a big fan of wooden\tavern styles…
and ofcourse best armor from the video not in battle pass…

For me the best battlepass so far. Those stuff is extremely cool and exactly what I need for my city to bring it too live. I also like that they will introduce another set of wooden building pieces (even if it is bazar) that fits very nicely with nemedian. The curved pillars looking very good.

I have unlocked every battlepass so far and sometimes I have pushed it to the very end just because I was not that thrilled playing and unlocking it. But men this time I feel I need to unlock it straight away.

I can see the idea behind the sieges for pve and I am looking forward to see more things like this in the game. The “castle” itself looks a little blant for my taste. I am missing some immersive props. But at least seeing some ideas for pve coming to life is a good thing.

What I dissaprove is their lack of understanding and will to invest any time into pvp. Its like they are done with this mode entirely but without telling people. At least they should be honest to people. You could see it in the stream how the dev struggled to find an answer to the question from nicole. That says it all. If you ever had a doubt about pvp, now you know.

Also while those new battleramp toy is very neat for pve knocking down a door in 3 hits is way to op. If this goes live onto pvp servers then this will be abused in pvp to get easily into peoples bases. Then you can kiss your base good night.


3 armor sets is good. rest is crap for me. i will buy it anyways, because i am dumb.

Thank you so much!

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This morning I built an inn on some empty space at my base using the Debaucheries of Darketo and other items (and I already had a bar inside my base) so I am anticipating these changes eagerly. I’d really like it if other players could use the base both to hire NPCs (and maybe I get a cut of the gold) or to buy unique food items with buffs or that sort of thing.

I will be completing this battle pass for sure. I’m not sure I see it as the best battlepass (and I’ve missed 3/5 of the prior battle passes) but I do like it.

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