Agnitio Extra Life 2018 Run


Hi all, we are summoning world bosses until our eyeballs fall out. You can find us located here:

Through out the event, we will be raffling off (2 winners an hour) the massive loot hoard you can see on the Extra Life page, I will be updating the winners in this post and what sweet sweet reward they got.

Wildecard - Radiant Cobra Ring
Deanen - Agent Dossier: Amir
Izzy-Girl - Tactical Survey Drone
JimmytheRabbit - Radiant Pharoah’s blood
Deanen - 10x Key A, 20x Key B
LostWander - KSR-43 of Havoc Mk II
Skeeve - Pneumatic Maul of Destruction Mk II
JimmyTheRabbit - Electromagnetic Destabilizer
Kips - Radiant Cold Silver Dice
Kips - Agent Dossier: Petru
Jabberwooky - Signet of the Neophyte
Tingko - Vali Metabolic Accelerator
Jabberwooky - Sanguine Ghoul
wolffspider - Anima-Touched Shotgun of Energy Mk III
Skeeve - KSR-43 of Havoc Mk II
Kips - Plasma-Forged Blade of Warding
Deanen - Pneumatic Maul of Energy Mk II
JimmyTheRabbit - Infused dress pants, faction colored
Faster - Agent Dossier: Petru
BB8 - Agent Dossier: Aleksey Volkov
Wodrith - Radiant Cobra Ring
Nosmo - Infused dress shoes, faction colored
Frere - Plasma Forged Pistols of Havoc Mk III
Skeeve - Intricate Fierce Glyph
Wolffspider - “To Sir, with Love” ebook by Dotts!
Wodrith - Training Manual
dugbo - Electromagnetic Destabilizer
Minjin-Kkachi - Buzz Bumblepup


At this time, Agnitio was reached its $1000.00 goal, but dont let that stop you from donating to enter the raffles, or to join us for world bosses.

We have just hit the 100th summon!


Extra life total has hit 1,515!!!