Agnitio Extra Life 2018 Run

Hi all, we are summoning world bosses until our eyeballs fall out. You can find us located here:

Through out the event, we will be raffling off (2 winners an hour) the massive loot hoard you can see on the Extra Life page, I will be updating the winners in this post and what sweet sweet reward they got.

Wildecard - Radiant Cobra Ring
Deanen - Agent Dossier: Amir
Izzy-Girl - Tactical Survey Drone
JimmytheRabbit - Radiant Pharoah’s blood
Deanen - 10x Key A, 20x Key B
LostWander - KSR-43 of Havoc Mk II
Skeeve - Pneumatic Maul of Destruction Mk II
JimmyTheRabbit - Electromagnetic Destabilizer
Kips - Radiant Cold Silver Dice
Kips - Agent Dossier: Petru
Jabberwooky - Signet of the Neophyte
Tingko - Vali Metabolic Accelerator
Jabberwooky - Sanguine Ghoul
wolffspider - Anima-Touched Shotgun of Energy Mk III
Skeeve - KSR-43 of Havoc Mk II
Kips - Plasma-Forged Blade of Warding
Deanen - Pneumatic Maul of Energy Mk II
JimmyTheRabbit - Infused dress pants, faction colored
Faster - Agent Dossier: Petru
BB8 - Agent Dossier: Aleksey Volkov
Wodrith - Radiant Cobra Ring
Nosmo - Infused dress shoes, faction colored
Frere - Plasma Forged Pistols of Havoc Mk III
Skeeve - Intricate Fierce Glyph
Wolffspider - “To Sir, with Love” ebook by Dotts!
Wodrith - Training Manual
dugbo - Electromagnetic Destabilizer
Minjin-Kkachi - Buzz Bumblepup


At this time, Agnitio was reached its $1000.00 goal, but dont let that stop you from donating to enter the raffles, or to join us for world bosses.

We have just hit the 100th summon!

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Extra life total has hit 1,515!!!