Agro system. Shields

Hi. I’m writing here to suggest an agro system. As we all know in majority of games we have tanks and support. Clearly the archer is the support here with actual healing arrows. What about tanking ? Taking on the big bosses we could do with a tank to add more fun into the game. How about adding a shield that maximises the agro potential? Adding a shield that allows us to take on the agro from surrounding enemies including bosses?

The party-based “role” system isn’t universally applicable. I don’t see any reason to force a square block into a round hole.

I’ve always thought that the stupidest way to make a “tank” is to force enemies to aggro on the tank. It seems that in Conan Exiles in particular, many players would want NPCs to be smarter, not stupider - and attacking the “tankiest” character in a group is tactically unwise. I liked the AI system in one old dungeon-crawling CRPG where the enemy recognized a robe-wearing character as a spellcaster and prioritized that as a target. Similarly, AI in Conan Exiles should recognize archers as fragile fire support and send someone to neutralize that while others keep the “tank” busy in the front line. I mean, that’s what I do against the AI - try to go for the archers first, then use my mobility to divide and conquer the melee fighters.

So maybe it’s just me, but I’d much prefer a more tactical approach to combat than dumbing down the AI with force-attack gimmicks.

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