AH quality filter omits certain items


This is a bug that has been transferred from TSW to SWL. When you use the quality filter, certain items that is for sale in the AH, and that are within the parameters set, do not show up.

The easiest way replicate this is with Ashes of Shriven Souls.

If I select Talisman and search for shriven I find 5 luminous and 4 radiant for sale:

Now, if I add Quality = Superior and search again, all the radiant ones disappear:

I don’t know if this is an “per item” bug (i.e. Radiant Ashes of Shriven Souls is missing their quality) or if there is something else at play, but at least in TSW this bug was true for several items in the clothing category.

PSA: the auction house weapon quality filters aren't working

Reminds me when we had the same issue with some cache outfits and mythic rarity.
Do you know which items have this issue? Or do you only know it for Shriven?


Also there are a number of extraordinaries that show up in search if you use just the name (like Drinker for Fist Blood Drinkers), but as soon as you add in Superior they all disappear. So far I have only seen the problem happen when you add ‘Superior’ to the search for certain items, but it may be more widespread than that.


I’m pretty much sure there’s the same issue with fist weapons. I wanted to sell blue one so tried to check prices but somehow once I check ‘superior’ in menu there are no lowest priced items that I could see while it was ‘all’. I didn’t check any other.


This would explain why I rarely saw any Witch Doctor weapons when I searched Weapons > All > Epic… Only the shotgun shows up.


I’d like to blame my with doctor weapon no selling for that reason and not the fact that it is hot garbage.


That’s optimism right there.