[live bug Auction House] Some weapons do not show via Epic filter

Can not test it on the testlive without the items, but would assume it is the same case. Feel free to move it to the normal bug forum.

Similar bug to the Resplendent Talisman Fragments when they were released.
Some items(and some for a while now) Have not shown up in the Epic filter, specifically weapons.

  1. Third Age Burners
  2. Third Age Chancer
  3. Third Age Eviscerators
  4. Third Age Persuader
  5. Witch Doctor’s Weapons
  6. Third Age Maul
  7. probably some others but this is currently what I find listed.
  8. Sov-Tech Wrath Enhancer also do not show in the Superior filter but will if you search them via All filter.

Below are examples using the Epic filter:

Below are examples using the All filter searching term MK III: