AI pathfinding still problematic

(singleplayer, testlive 2.6b, no mods)

(To be clear, this isn’t a complaint - you stated ‘improved’ not ‘solved’, and I’d say there has been improvement - the only follower I have that regularly gets stuck a lot right now is my caravan rhino, and I’m pretty sure that’s less of a pathing issue and more a ‘fat a**’ issue…)

Once again, we have sent Thralls to Pathfinding 101, which should result in lesser instances where they get stuck on the scenery, buildings, door frames, trees, rocks, atoms of oxygen and so on.

Me realizing I’m over-encumbered and ■■■■■■■■ has decided to make friends with a rock ;):

(to clarify - he’s on lowest follow distance (5m). When I got over there I found he’d got himself into a ‘c’ shaped area of rock, which is probably why he was having difficulties - and he was ‘twitching’ like he was still trying to move but couldn’t figure it out.)

He probably followed me into that rock field - pretty sure I harvested in a bit of a loop that time - theoretically he could have pathed his way round through the open space - but I’m guessing that’s also a delicate balance, as players probably wouldn’t be happy of thralls take a too-different route and wind up aggroing a bunch of enemies. Not sure there’s anything much to be done here, but figured I ought to report since it was a specifically mentioned point in the patch notes :slight_smile:

Edit: Ok, so ‘numb****’ is too crude for the swearing filters, lol


The AI should really be overhauled
I understand this might not be a fun thing to fix for development but… it is very bad haha

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