Thrall and enemy mob pathing/AI seems really bad

Old PC player coming back with the patch. Seeing a big issue with AI pathing but not sure if its the server I’m on or the game code.

I’m seeing my thrall companion frequently sink halfway into the ground. In a battle they will sometime not react to my being attacked even though I know I have them on guard me. Often they seem to lag off and disappear then reappear. Enemy mobs aren’t any better. Crocs seem to get stuck on terrain for instance. Skeletons warp around the map. The giant gorillas/spiders the same. They seem to get stuck all the time then warp around.

The lag isnt coming from me as far as I can tell. I’ve got a good pc and connection and the server im playing on has a low ping.

Anybody else seeing the same issue when playing? Any fix/suggestions?

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