Albino Bat Boss falling through mesh

Game mode: Online PVE
Problem: Bug?
Region: EU

I’ve now had the following scenario happen to me 3 times, and it’s starting to get really annoying.

  1. Go to the Tower of Bats with a Thrall following the character.
  2. Climb the Tower.
  3. Annoy the bat boss by shooting him.
  4. Get chased around the top of the tower, run fast enough to get to a new vantage point and shoot some more while the thrall keeps the demon busy.
  5. Bat Boss flies up, dives down in an attack and promptly crashes through the mesh into the inside of the tower!
  6. Boss now stuck under the mesh and can’t be killed, thus stopping me from activating the staff of the triumvirate!
  7. Go away and wait for him to respawn…doesn’t seem to be able to come out of the ground until the server is reset at an ungodly hour.
  8. Wait for the server to reset, go back to 1.

How on earth am I supposed to kill this boss if it’s under the mesh?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. See above.

Mini-fix…work around-ish

Poison Arrows if you got them, (explosions work to)

Depending were he stuck under it, you can sorta lure him so part of him sticks out and pew pew pew.

Thou… out of anything, the corpse will fall out of reach. But hey… he’ll respawn faster. XD

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Thanks for the work-around, still doesn’t help me to get the staff activated though, as the corpse is unreachable. In a lot of ways this bug is somewhat of a game breaker, I hope that they’ll eventually fix it, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Having now thoroughly “explored” the tower I can safely say that the collision mesh is an absolute mess in this area. :anguished:

I know everyone has their preferred playstyle, but have you considered changing your strategy just for this one boss? It’s not too hard to kill the Albino Bat using daggers.

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Tried a new strategy, attacking with a spear. Worked for a short while, as in the bat was taking damage, but then the bat flew up and dived down to attack, yet again straight through the ground mesh and into the interior of the tower. :scream:
Since one of the bats main attack modes seems to be flying up and then swooping down I don’t think daggers will help much either, unless I can kill it before it decides to use its swoop attack.
Strange thing is that I’ve had no problem killing it in my SP game, just seem to be having the problem on this Official PVE server.

That’s weird. I didn’t realize it happened every time he did that attack. That really sucks. :frowning:

The weirdest thing is that I’ve played in singleplayer, on 3 official PVE-C servers and at least 4 private PVE(-C) servers, and I’ve never seen that. But I play on PC, so it might be a PS4-only bug?

I’m starting to wonder, since the collision problems don’t manifest in the SP game, if this could be due to some form of lag since there are some very large player-built structures next to the tower. My character sinks into the mesh of the tower in a number of places but this doesn’t seem to happen in SP, where there is only 1 small structure built near the foot of the tower.

That might very well be the case. The tech certainly seems to work that way – the game takes some shortcuts to avoid round trip communication with the server. They squeeze out some perf that way, but then you get problems like the Abysmal Remnant going out of alignment between client and server, or Albino Bat sinking into the terrain :frowning:

I don’t know if I can offer any decent advice here. Are those player-built structures all around the tower? Maybe you can climb up a side that isn’t too laggy and fight the bat there?

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try next time I play. :+1:

I always lure him backwards form stairs, towards 2 lore stones. Its mostly flat doesnt tend fall thru.

I use lure him around bottom… (when he use to get stuck)
I would have thrall wait abit back to flat part out of anything.

Hey @zwkdiv

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll send note to our team to cure the stage fright of the Albino bat in the future.
Apologies for the frustration.

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