Ale kegs should be able to hold Ale!

Hey there exiles!

Just a small request to make such an immersive game more immersive, but i think it would be great to have the decorative ale barrels and kegs be able to hold ale and Mead! Really, i guess you can put anything in a barrel, so even if it just acted the way cupboards do, that would be realistic!


agree !
and barels should be containers. Amphore also hold some stuff. So no lost place, i love decoration in my base, but is good when it’s usefull at the same time.

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Still don’t get why this isn’t a thing…

Oil in barrels, wine in pitchers, food in bowls etc.

Wall signs are unpractical as it is, to use.

Yes. It should preserve your ale/mead too.
And a pouring and drinking animation to go with it.


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