Alies, Ememies and Beds

Just a few suggestions that would make the game more interesting, promote PVP and remove some of the “travel grind” from the game.

  1. Alies - A system where 2 or more clans could join as Alies. If nothing else it would be nice to be able to visit other clan bases or even team up with them for a short while. Maybe a “truce” function that will prevent their thralls from attacking etc. Something that would give smaller clans the ability to team up for PVP, dungeons etc. without pets and thralls attacking each other.

  2. Enemies - Being able to flag a clan as your “prefered” enemy would be a great way to create motivation for more PVP in the game. Some kind of risk reward system would be nice… Maybe you get a buff or bonus drops or something when attacking your enemies vs. normal mobs. This would work hand in hand with the Alies feature.

  3. Multiple Beds - At least 1 additional bed location would be nice beyond a bedroll. I wouldn’t want to see it abused but having a way to set up a second more “perminate” spawn point would be nice for those times I’m far from my base and die from something stupid just to have to walk ALL THE WAY BACK… This is more of a quality of life thing than anything else.

Otherwise I’m having a lot of fun and think it’s a great game.


I like the truce idea as i switch between my clan and a newbie clan alot

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