ALL bows break my game

I put the bow in the hot bar and equip arrows
It will let me aim and fire maybe 2 or 3 and then freezes my game
If i try to walk with the w and the bow out…
I bounce backwards once or twice
Then my game freezes
It is happening with ALL bows
Vanilla bows and modded bows

I have verified files and uninstalled and reinstalled.
Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?

You are playing modded. That’s your first clue.

Ok. But it has never been an issue in the entire year I’ve been playing thus far.

Updates sometimes break mods until the mod designer has had a chance to update. I’d start removing mods until it stops than you’ll most likely find the culprit.

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I have no idea how to remove mods, but thank you for the idea. :slight_smile:

Easiest way to remove mods is through the Funcom Launcher - when you go to start the game, instead of clicking ‘Launch’ or ‘Continue’ open the ‘Mods’ tab - you should then see two lists - on the left is any mods you have installed but aren’t currently using, on the right are the ones in current use.

I’d recommend making a backup copy of your save game before trying anything, just in case, and also take a note of your current mod list (so that you can eventually put it back) (either screenshot, or write it down), then drag mods from the right hand box back to the left. I find it easiest to remove all mods, test the situation without them, then add back a few at a time and test each time until it breaks again - and then try narrowing it down between those specific mods that were added in that last group.

Each time you want to launch the game to test, just click back from the ‘Mods’ tab in the launcher to the ‘Game’ tab.

If anything’s unclear here, I’m happy to grab some screenshots and try to explain further :slight_smile:

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