All items disappeared

Yeah I am also not playing until I can’t trust that the items I collect don’t get lost.
I have no other idea how that trust can be established without involvement of the staff.

This is not the type of issue where surges are not giving you profession thralls or that you’re floating over the ceiling tiles and whatnot, storing items in workbenches is the core of all activities and should be high (if not top) priority to identify and fix.

I am puzzled over why this has not been picked up yet and sad, since I like this gorgeous game.

My best bud just quit today. Came back from a 5 day holiday, and his base and everything but thralls were gone.

We had 5 bases in exiles, now we have 3. The others were just gone. The pity is we spend 2 hours every weds and sat morning touching everything. Stuff still goes

Hey there,

Apologies for the late response and for the frustration.
We are aware of this situation. We’ve found the root cause and we’re working to deploy the solution as soon as we possibly can.


PVP 6153
All benches 100% of items disappeared, anything locked is fine. Thralls in stations are fine.

Logged in and all benches empty, nothing in event log, same issue being reported multiple times in the forums already.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Login

Logged in today with every item missing out of all crafting benches,fridge,stove in my completely closed tree house base on official server #6001 all locked chests intact base and thralls completely intact and nothing on the event log, solo player not in a clan. Kind of frustrating still having these problems on the new map, after 1100 hours kinda disappointing

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I’ll try to replay here too because my topic got ignored, yesterday in the 6458 everything disappeared in our base, just few private chest near our bed are save. In a game where the gameplay is “start with nothing keep accumulate stuff and improve” i don’t think a bug that make everythings disappear is a bug that can be without an istant answer, they should shut down servers because if this keep happening more players will quit, a rollback is something that will never happen I know, that’s why they should shut down servers.

Hello, I would like to know, how will we know that it is safe to use the workbenches?
Is this going to be in a client patch and we need to check the hotfixes when one is provisioned, or this is a server side update we will not see in hotfixes?
If server side, then how will we know that the fix is implemented?

Wiped again different server 6152… very annoying, about half the server is now essentially wiped… Hours of work gone… Its early access but man losing everything twice across multiple servers for no ‘explained’ reason sucks.

Same thing happened to me on 6152. Does FunCom even care? Can we get a response atleast? What the heck is goin on? I know they don’t care about hackers but… if this is a bug…do something.

6154 Isle of Sitpah, same thing. EVERYTHING in benches, boxes, you name it, gone. All thralls still in place and Delving Bench seems unaffected. Nothing on the event log. This all happened while I was ONLINE too.

I’m a solo player so this is disgustingly game breaking. If not fixed in 2 weeks, I will be asking for refund and writing bad review.

Game mode:Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

We played 6414, isle of siptah, but we got some hacker in the server, the server was wiped by the hacker and everyone stop playing there. We went to 6458 (isle of siptah too) and right now, few second ago, ALL the stuff in our base disappeared. We were and are online, no one get in the house, nothing on the event log, just every chest and every crafting station is empty, of course the chest were all close and they still are, there are just few stuff in our private chest near our bed like piece of armor, but everything else just disappeared. Can a gm come in game? We saw some gm a week ago, would be nice if he could provide some info in game

Bump! I read on other topic this pieace of **** bug is happening again in a server that already got this “bug” or “hack” or whatever it is, they KNOW there is a problem but still I can’t get an answer. Me and my clan need to ask a refound on the game to get an answer? SHUT THE SERVER DOWN don’t make ALL the player lose EVERYTHING

Probably the same issue as this one:

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It is, but I want an answer that it’s not asked nor given in that topic, should me and my clan ask for a refound or with the last patch this “bug/cheat” is gone? Because you can’t ask someone to play a survival where randomly you lose everything and you can’t do anything to avoid it. It’s the core of the survival games to store stuff and protect your house

We logged in yesterday to find every single crafting station empty. Siptah #1654
This was at multiple base locations. Nothing in the logs.

What the heck?

Any news on this? Has a fix been found? Going to guess none of us are getting our stuff back…

Im playing in offline mode, and I logged in a few days ago, and my whole fortress is gone. I got some decorations floating a round and when I walk towards them they disappear.

I restart the game many times, and its the same…

It took me a week to build the fortress… is a solution coming soon?

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I wonder if FUcom ever heard of the great vendor mishap when every vendor on every server lost 100% of their items. The next day 300,000 players quit.