All merchants are broken, cannot make purchases

Attempts to purchase golum parts and a camel both failed. When you click on the purchase option, it goes grey.
PC - Windows 10
Server 1823 PVE - public
Had 400+ BC and 50 gold in my inventory.
Screenshots are :


I’m also having this problem with every purchase but Thralls, also on the Exile lands

Had this happen on Siptah, official 6137. Tried to purchase camel calf and sell Scout Reports.

i was able to buy some camels by hitting the buy option continuos. Watch the amout of currency on your inventory because it will trigger multiple purchases. I was willing to make the new turanian camel (sad you cant ride it) clicking the buy option and nothing happned, then started to click on it like crazy, at some point the man sold me three camels at the same time, because luckly i had only 30 gold on inventory. Then he endend the dialog with the phrase: Thank you, no refunds.

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