All old and New benches broken in new Test live 11.26.2020

I went in to my test game and all benches show no thrall on them even though when you open the bench there is a thrall working on bench. The Tralls are all invisible.

I tried removing the thrall and resetting it back in the bench still invisible, tried a new named thrall in bench still invisible., if you look close you can see the hammer and the steel the thrall should be using in his hands but he is invisible.

Picked up bench and put it back down and put thrall in and there we go so it seems that all NEW and many old benches will need to be PICKED UP and put back down to reset for the thralls to show up in them at the moment.

UPDATE: Fix of picking up bench and relaying it down does not work though game reboot. I restarted game too a break from testing and came back to this, had to pick up the bench yet again and replay it for the thrall to show up in the bench at first he was invisible again.

Before I logged off

After I rebooted the game.


Good info, thanks. I can live with that since my base needs to be reshuffled anyway :slight_smile:




Hi @heaventhere, thank you for the report. Our developers are aware of that issue and working on solving it.

Thanks for the ongoing support :slight_smile:


Thank you and I look forward to a fix for this as it would be very bad for this issue to go to live and mess up every single persons base with invisible thralls lol be some pissed off folks then but I guess I missed you all were aware of this in the patch notes. Patch notes were so much better this time around.

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