Improved Carpenter bench not displaying base items sometimes

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US

Issue is occasionally on this bench with a Thrall on it, the base items will not be displayed. Only the higher tier items that the named thrall can craft will appear. You can still see the scroll bar on the right able to go farther down but nothing shows up. To fix the issue, remove the thrall and place the thrall back on the bench. All items will then be displayed correctly.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Thrall on bench some times not all base items will appear
    2.Remove thrall, exit bench inventory
    3.Go in bench inventory base items appear
    4.Add thrall, base items and thrall specialties will appear.

I am having same issues. I can see it first time opening any benches then the second time all base stats are invisible. You can scroll through them and read the names it not visible.

I’ve seen this with the improved blacksmith. Note: in my case the scroll bar stops moving but it’s obvious the list should be longer and I can move the cursor down below the fold to select and build the obscured items.

Hey @Who_Am_I, thank you for your report, we’ll register the issue for the developers to look into!

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