All Vaulted Ceiling varieties are difficult to place items on

This was recorded in Singleplayer, but I have no doubts its the same on Servers.

Its as if there are tiny little spikes around the edges of every vaulted ceiling type, as this happens on all of them. In addition to this, I often find myself getting caught on an invisible obstacle when sprinting over them.

Video Here.

Edit; Wanted to clarify, this occurs on every style, so Nemedian Vaulted Ceilings, Arena Vaulted Ceilings, Stormglass Vaulted Ceilings and Argossean Vaulted Ceilings.


I can confirm part of this on pc as well (also singleplayer). I haven’t noticed much greater difficulty in placing items on them, but they definitely cause the same stumble/slowdown effect as I sprint over them. (That said, I do notice some of the same placement difficulties as Tobiusness shows in the video, just not as bad.)

Possible steps to reproduce the stumble/slowdown effect (since it’s been consistent in my experience) - build an arched bridge/pontoon - starting from solid foundations, then a pair of vaulted ceilings, then another set of foundations, followed by another pair of vaulted ceilings etc. I suggest making it at least three full arches long (as it is usually not the first sticking point that catches me, but one after I have got up to full speed). Sprinting across this bridge should reveal the same stumble/slowdown as you transition from a foundation top back onto the vaulted ceilings - it does not seem to happen (at least to me) if I stay on only vaulted ceilings, it is definitely in the transition between another surface and them. (This seems to be the case with any of the vaulted ceilings, not limited to Nemedian.)



Thank you for your report. We’ve sent it to our tech team.

Feel free to report any other issues you find in the game and we will try to assist you.


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