Nemedian Ceilings are all cursed



This happens on almost all Nemedian Ceiling types, the one exception being the wedge ceiling.

Yea sadly :relieved:

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Thank you for your report. We’ll ask the team to check those pieces.

Please let us know if you find any other issues on our Lands. :slight_smile:


I’d like to add that the exact same issue also applies with the Stormglass build set (at least on pc) - the raised edges on the surfaces show through carpets/rugs etc. (The large carpet being demonstrated by @tobbiusness is a particularly clear example - but it also happens with, for example, the fur/hide rugs.) Raising the carpet by a single increment using the scroll wheel does not resolve the issue as then the carpet ‘doesn’t have enough contact with ground’.

If the issue cannot be resolved in the building pieces (for whatever reason - I don’t know how these things work :slight_smile: ) - perhaps allowing placeables to be raised/lowered by finer increments could be an alternative fix?

In the meantime - a possible workaround, that sometimes works - if you place a table (sometimes chair or bed or other object can work) first, and then try to place the carpet, it sometimes ‘hitches’ to the table legs a little and then sits a little higher up. This can lead to it looking a little from the side like it is ‘floating’ just off the floor, but that at least looks better than the lines of the floor showing through it from every angle.


The large campfire has the same sort of problem on most floors.

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