Minor thing about that Large Carpet…

So let’s talk about the Large Carpet.

I play on an XBox One so I don’t know if this is an issue on all of the platforms. I have… questions… about that decorative item. First off: It seems to disappear when placed on the foundations and ceiling pieces of certain buildings styles. Turanian particularly. The pattern on the Turanian building pieces layers right over it, while is a minor inconvenience but as a player that concentrates on building and design this is pretty annoying.

Second: I’ve lost entire benches (full of stuff that took forever to make, mind you) and tables that were placed on top of these things. They’ll be there one minute, I’ll leave the room, and when I come back everything that was touching the carpet is gone. Which leads me to avoid using the carpet… which is a damn shame. I truly hope that someone can fix that buggy rug.


(on PC) - I’ve not had the second issue (except when I’ve picked up a carpet without removing the things I placed on top - my own stupid fault there, lol) - but then I’ve also been lucky so far with the various stability bugs/stuff disappearing that others have reported.
But I can wholeheartedly support your original point - and not just with the large carpet - hide rugs and the like also have the same problem. Stormglass is one where I particularly notice it, as the raised edges of the pieces protrude up through the carpet/rug. Even raising the carpet by a single ‘click’ of the scroll-wheel jumps it to 6 inches off the floor (and it becomes ‘out of contact’ so can’t be placed anyway). I really hope that one day we can see a fix for these sorts of issues.


Got a big ugly wall of text below, if anyone has the eye-ball toughness to cope with all that. Ahem- I totally agree with comments here and have experienced the horror of how it clips badly with the floor when placing carpets. This could be fixed by making the translation increments, ie; the movement a lot finer and smoother, allowing us to get it close enough to be just touching… get that resolution right down so we can get it so fine-tuned that we can avoid and work around those clipping issues and the “cannot build here” restrictions. That’s a fix right there in my opinion, because I’ve seen concrete evidence for this in other games’ development processes; Exact same functions, snap to surface, which Conan does have and no-collisions ‘anywhere’ placement with the smoothest transitions and axial motion you have ever seen! lol

The disappearing stuff has been an issue, it seems, for quite some time now. Either they have no idea what’s causing it or they just haven’t had the time to getting round to looking into it, (I sincerely hope it’s the latter).
Because what use is making a table and bowls and cups etc… only to have everything you’ve put on the table fall through it and through the floor! I really don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe the collision mapping doesn’t activate if two meshes are overlapping? That would cause stuff placed after to fall through stuff that came before maybe? It’s evident that the collisions on each mesh or object allow for the clipping or overlapping of other objects, so we can place things slightly inside the surface of an undulating ground surface or whatever… but perhaps in doing so- in making collisions ignore each other, there hasn’t been a next step implemented in the build mode’s algorithm to say “these two meshes are now solid until touched again” - so therefore, if collisions are off… the stuff is gonna fall through the object it’s being placed on!! I think this is touching upon what’s wrong here… it’s something to do with collision mapping coding and allowing or ‘preventing’ overlapping clipped pieces from collapsing and falling through the floor.

I see they have structural integrity mapping a feature (when the colours go from green to red when building stuff), This can cause things to ‘fall’ if the super structure is not happy… this might also be connected with the bug?

I see there have been some darn fine dedicated ambassadors who have been replying to our queries, complaints and issues in the feedback/bug-reports and it’s really appreciated.

Agreed. There are a few things that look like they are still in their infancy of concept ideas: It looks as though the devs have been crunched so busy with getting more product made and released and updates done to fix the really major issues that there just hasn’t been time to fix other things and before we knew it, there was a darn blasted pandemic outbreak and 5 years have gone in a flash since the game was made!

But to address the topic, I am on PC and can also confirm there are issues with all of the building pieces, despite there being fairly solid, well built features and functions too there, the rugs and carpets in particular do clip badly into floors. It looks like a revisit to the collision meshes to try to get smoother frames made.

There would likely be a tiny amount of gap that we’d have to allocate for in that process, but it would be acceptable enough, just so it doesn’t clip through the floor pieces really and not look like it’s floating, as DanQuixote observantly mentions.

Needs some feedback. The executives are going to have to think about whether they are prepared to pay dev staff to continue with these adjustments and fixes - so they would likely need something turning a profit in the meantime if this is ever going to get fixed.

I am new to the game and I would LOVE to see it updated with improvements. From my very wide and varied experience of games and dev studio calibre and capabilities, it looks like Funcom are new to this because other studios have had these exact issues over the years and are at a more advanced, polished level of quality with their furniture placement clipping issues.

Once such solution is to make collisions ignore each other and allow the player to fine-tune the x-y-z axes in a smooth transition of placement along those axes. So that they can lower the carpets to whatever floor they have at any increment of height- exactly as DanQuixote mentions, the ‘stepped’ function is clunky and primitive, and while it does seem to ignore collision mapping, (in other words allow to pass through each other without blocking transition of movement between objects), it still is not a very fine-tuned incremental translation along that y axis…

(y = up/down? I forget, but that one, the up/down one lol!)

At least we’re not having to cope with voxel spaces phew- that’s like big lego blocks with verrry little room for any creative placement.

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Thanks man! That is weirrrrrrd. But hey. small victories… small victories…

Orange Stygian Carpet clipping into an Argossean Foundation piece.

The Nemedian and Khitan carpets left and right respectively, seem fine on this particular Argossean foundation. Not so for the Stygian carpet, however.

In the image below, I have placed the Khitan Carpet AFTER the furniture, but the Khitan chair to the right is placed on top of the carpet after the carpet. So; Furniture, then carpet luckily clipped under it, then chair on top after. I will see what happens to it over next 24 hours or several relogs and will report back here.

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