Large carpet clipping into nemedian ceiling

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU
Mods?: Yes
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

Similar issues about the Large Carpet has been reported before, though not in relation to this particular ceiling piece. I also don’t know whether it’s been fixed in 3.0, though it’s not mentioned in the patch notes so here I am reporting it just in case :slight_smile:
Parts of the Nemedian ceiling are clipping through the Large Carpet:

Edit: Also, a bit of off-topic on that subject :smiley: Can we please for the love of [insert favorite deity here] have some smooth carpets? Most of them are either tiny… or look like they’ve been thrown in place directly off a truck (like the Khitan)… and have knee-high waves and wrinkles to where it looks like a safety hazard. I’m sure none of the designers who drew that would actually tolerate a carpet being placed like that in their own home :smiley: I mean… what is that thing lol


Yeah this happens on the consoles too (both xbox and PS)

While not perfect, one work around, is when you have the carpet ready to place , stay absolutely still, place it, DO NOT MOVE, and then place another exactly the same on top of it immediately after.

You are effectively placing two over each other, but assuming you do not move yourself or the carpet’s position when placing you shouldn’t really be able to notice.

Like I said it’s not a perfect solution, but as a work around it works alright, try it (this works best mainly on the large green carpet in your first pic)

Otherwise yes, its not ideal.


Amazing! :smiley:
This is the new meta after fence-stacking… carpet-stacking! :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip

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No worries, you’re welcome! I’m not sure it works for every carpet-laying situation, but seems to work for the most part. I kinda discovered this by myself by accident, though I’m sure others have thought of it before.

Thanks for the tip.

Just told my wife turns out she’s been doing that for years. Goes to show I don’t use carpets


What can I say? Some of us are very interested in interior design… :grin:

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