Hedge maze texture problem

So yesterday I bought the Hedge maze from Bazaar and spent maybe 2 hours decorating my base with new green maze pieces. I was happy about the result.

Today I came on the server and all maze pieces were flattened in texture meaning. Here you can see the difference. The first piece is replaced, the second one is how all of them loooked like after the server restart.

Now I have to spend my time in game with returning each and every piece into inventory and placing it again, so they won’t look like green tapestry walls anymore.

Have to say, that even as optimist, I am kinda dissapointed about this matter. And the more about the fact, that it’s not free content, one has to pay money to get it, and it’s not even made and optimized correctly.

I would appreciate if someone take a look at this problem. Don’t want to rebuild my base everyday.

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If you leave your base until it’s out of rendering range and return, does it still occur?

Might be a case of it having to load everything at once when you log in, happens with some other building pieces as well.

Odd, I logged in today and all of my fireplaces were facing backwards.

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Yeah, I recalled your mention about nemedian fireplaces in the first moment I saw that hedges. :smiley: I have few of them and they are turned back as well. Too lazy to rebuild right now, tho.

No no, everything was already loaded at the moment, I started to rebuild those after maybe half an hour. No, it was not only loading problem, it will be something similar to what JJ mentioned.

If it occurs tommorow again, I will try to go away and then back, but I strongly doubt it will make any difference.

Had you already turned them around after the patch? Wasn’t there a patch note that this would happen?

I obtained them after the chapter 2 was released, just yesterday. Or which patch do you mean? If there is something what would fix it, it would have to be from today, because this happened yesterday/today after the latest server restart.

If you read something about it, can you please provide me some link to it?

I was responding to JJ about the fireplaces.

Don’t have any idea about the hedges. Haven’t left any of them up after placing them.

There was.

I hope this gets fixed soon. I’d love to buy the hedge maze pieces, but won’t as long as they’re bugged like this. Thanks for the heads-up.

Hello guys, so just info: Today after the server restart everything was ok, so it is possible they already fixed it, or that yesterday it was just some rare bug. I will keep you updated about new ones when I place some, because, it could do the same mess again.

But let’s hope it will be ok from now on. :slight_smile:

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