Allow ability to accept and send Clan invitations to offline users

If you have your brother who lives with you also playing the game, it seems impossible for the two of you to be in the same clan, I don’t think the same household should have to buy multiple consoles to accomplish this tasks but as it stands, if you want to have you and a family member playing in the same clan so you both can be working together on a build project when the other is not online/away it is currently not possible.


Welcome to online. This common now for most games. Co-op offline 2nd controller doesn’t exist in these types of games anymore.

I don’t think you got what I was asking.

I don’t want local co-op, not at all

All I want is the ability for two people in the same household to be in the same clan when they play ALONE.

If two people are barely home at the same time they can each play their separate characters alone BUT in the same clan and build items together rather then it being completely separate builds.

And many many many games allow you to send clan invites to people who are offline, and then allow then to accept the invite whenever they eventually sign in and receive it.

It would be nice to walk up to an unconscious friend and invite them, so when they log on they can accept.

I actually tried that, I was hoping that’s how it worked… but no.

And now I don’t even see unconscious players.

There is a reason for that. Unconscious players are temporarily removed from servers because of performance issues.

I get that but the seem to be deleted immediately now.

Previously unconscious users seemed to stay at least a little time. At this point, if I log off and immediately have someone else try to log on, there is no unconscious body. So the unconscious invite doesn’t seem like an option anymore.

Really. I hadn’t noticed that. I wonder why that is?

No unconscious invite is a good thing. Seem like the devs keeping servers alive and less lag.

Why is it a good thing? it adds lag, which is one of your counter points

servers have limited space, they are already only allow 40 people per server, but now instead of one household working together, you may have 2, 3, 4 or more people who now have to use more area in the world and add more building items to the server… this literally doubles, triples, quadruples or more the server load adding lag… and the additional deferment of taking up more areas in the game world for you and other users who may want to build on a plot of land.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying to leave unconscious bodies there for a long time… just 5 minutes to send an invite. Five minutes of unconscious bodies on the server is a lot less resources intensive the hundreds of permanent items each conscience body can create

with the latest patch and the unconscious bodies are back, and we can select invite, but still doesn’t do anything