Allow Mammoths to drop Elephant Hide


All endgame heavy armor require Elephant Hide. The issue is that currently, the only place to farm this is at the savannah around Swagger Rock. Which has no nearby Obelisks.

It’s not too much of stretch that Mammoths could also drop elephant hide, currently the only reason to kill them are for their exotic meat and thick hide (also fur), but the yield doesn’t warrant the risk, since there are much easier sources for these.

This also allows those that live in the snow biome to get additional resources, since their area is already somewhat sparse for material variety.


Just wanted to say this now, ehm… Mammoths don’t have hide they have fur and elephants only live in hot areas.

I think it’s good the way it is. We can talk about there being to few of them but that might be a different topic.


so by your logic an undead dragon should drop gallons of dragon blood… just no just no go find an elephant to kill not hard to find em.


I was actually happy that skeletons with no armor on don’t drop loot :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe they could drop some coins if they had a small bag on them, that would make sens :thinking: like a money sack… hehe :rofl:


Thanks for the clarification @FightGamer, didn’t know that :slight_smile:

Dragoonduneman, there are ways to voice your opinion without being abrasive or condescending.

And all is good! In the latest PC patch, they’ve included elephant hide to mammoths when using a skinning knife, although a lot less than actual elephants, which is a fair compromise for me :slight_smile:


Hey, change that to gold dust/ore and that could be from their teeth too :stuck_out_tongue:


If they could drop actual gold and silver teeth… :+1: haha… that would be amazing :star_struck:
I like that even more the the small bag idea :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m definitely not against your suggestion Swarth, especially since i’m equiping most of my thralls in the north with heavy vanir and that i agree the loot from mamoths is not great at all.
With your suggestion i could have one more reason to go for mamoths than only when looking for some nice head trophies…
Finally the mamoth is the ancestor of the elephant so that makes enough sense for me, and considering it’s a game we’re playing after all…
So i say YES for the elephant hides in mamoths loot table.


Mammoth hide is nearly identical to elephant hide in terms of texture and toughness. The only difference is that most mammoths also had fur growing from said hide.