Mammoth havent too much health


Mammoth havent too much health now, they are much harder to kill than some boss … same for great bears.

I think there are adjustments to be made.

Apparently you havent had a Rhino charge lay 7 bleeds on you at once and toss you halfway across the map…


Why do people keep complaining about mammoths? Do you not have daggers?

As for rhinos, they’re near the top of my list of annoying mobs to fight. When their crappy hit boxes that get you stuck inside their mesh combine with their bleed-stacking charge attack, you’re in for a baaaaaad time.

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Also mammoths are passive-aggressive (bugged maybe?). So you can always get in the first combo. I have 2 by my northern base that never bother me, but will occasionally trigger my thrall as we are walking by.

“Oh, sure, just come and poke me with your sharp sticks. It’s not like I have anything better to do than dance in circles for your amusement.”


My greatest annoyance with elephants/mammoth is the way they rotate as if on a turn table to face you. No, I do not mean the attack that has them walking in a circle, I mean, legs not moving and floating around to face you.
No matter how I move to the side, the beast ALWAYS turns to face me faster than it should be able to and without moving. It takes my character longer to move than these beasts.
Run behind? spin to face me. Dodge to the side? spin to face me.
Annoying. magic. pachyderm.
This was not obvious when they weren’t armored damage sponges. Thunderfoot is the most blatant and easy to see example.


Maybe ps4 version isnt up to date… Mammoths are pretty squshiy on ps4 right now. XD

(so are bears…) bears are boring…

Mammoth I dont mind cause its move set is abit better for its size. Feels more Monster Hunter/Dragons Dogma.
Something like Rhino… is outdated from 90’s… but evil when it hits right. LOL.

not sure its the health. i think they have high armor, killing them with high penetration weapons is much faster for me, like yogs touch, or daggers with bleed i think that ignores armor as well.

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Thunderfoot, with over 50,000 health (running ui mod to see enemy health) and reducing my damage to roughly 1/3 normal per hit (ui mod again showing my damage)… took a looong time. Added to his turntable spin to face wherever instantly during the fight…

Mamoth are greater elephants , Thunderfoot is an elephant boss , on sitpah for an unknown reason elephants were pretty weak and you could kill them in 3 shots with any starmetal weapon . But now they have been “buffed” to a normal state with a hotfix . However the “buff” was repercuted on Exiles land since what I think is that they may have buffed the base stats of elephants and so having a repercution all the way up to mamoths & Thunderfoot !

my God… by the Seven Hells and the pair of Crom intimate parts !!!

here they dare to hunt and kill the powerfull Elephants and the fierce Rhino with daggers… with a “thiefandassassin” tool!!!

Let me sit on a flat stone and cry…

I am about to ask for the nerfing of daggers… Elephants and Rhinos are asking a bit of balance in the game…

On my side, elephants are huge beasts hard to kill… fine…
The issue is that these gigantic beasts give me just a very few elephant skin… THIS is the issue.

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I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I went after some thick hides to discover that elephants are now much more tough than they previously were.
I believe they should be that way; especially when I use to see fights between them and tigers ending up with the tigers always winning.
It’s the same with rhinos, but rhinos are still very weak when it comes to toughness, being killed by tigers as well.
The only tiger I can think of that should come close to winning a fight between an elephant or a rhino would be a “monstrous tiger”, and that should be really a close call with the latter two still coming out on top with maybe a little bit of health left if they don’t bleed to death first. But then again, thick hide (as such with bears too) should be very resistant to sunder and bleeding attacks.
As for Thunderfoot and a King Rhino, nothing should stand in their way, even a monstrous tiger. Attempts to take down either one of those bosses should be akin to committing suicide.
(too bad we can’t make pitfall traps or make use of cliffs as was possible in the late ice age when it comes to getting thick hides, substantial meat for food and fur for clothing and shelter).

In the real world, I’ve never seen a tiger so stupid as to attack an elephant or a rhino without suffering some critical injuries from at least being trampled. Take into consideration that we don’t see herding behavior in animals here as we would normally see in the real world (such as elephants).
It should be that way including fights between mammoths and sabretooth cats.

Demon creatures (you know them), the equivalent of a mini boss should be by their nature very difficult to kill and should be able to (in most cases) put down nearly any lesser creature (including humans) more readily than their “lesser cousins”.

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I agree with you sir Valhok.

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